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  1. Nobitakung

    XF 1.5 Customize the new post list

    I'm using Showcase and it creates a new associated discussion thread every time a Showcase Item is created and these type of threads will be included in the "New Posts" list (both in the sidebar and the /find-new/post page). What I want is to exclude these threads from the list. I've checked...
  2. radenmas

    XF 1.5 "New Post" sidebar on Thread view shows no data?

    Hello, i added "New Post" sidebar to the thread view http://gamexeon.com/forum/threads/hobi-foto2-di-game-pamerkan-screenshot-mu.99373/ but as you can see, it shows no data and other stuf like statistics shows 0 (zero). It seems its missing something to be "called" before it call the sidebar...