1. Orit

    XF 2.2 Adding a tooltip to navigation tabs in nav bar

    Hi, We figured out how to add tooltips to navigations of types: Basic, Node, Remote platform, through the Extra attributes option when adding a navigation: But how can we add extra attributes to the callback type? Is there a different way to add tooltips to the navigation tabs? Thanks!!
  2. cloudpro

    XF 2.2 Second Row Navigation

    Hello How can we add a second row in the navigation. At the moment we have many menus but as we just have 1 row for nav bar the menu items need to be scolled across. We would like the ability to add a second menu row so we have 2. Thanks.
  3. M

    Unmaintained Font Awesome Icons in Navbar for 2.1

    Enter code in the extra.less Before: After: /* XenForo 2.1.x Navtab menu FontAwesome 5 - Start */ .p-navEl a:before { .m-faBase(); display: inline-block; text-align: center; margin-right:5px; border-radius:30px; line-height:normal; } .p-navEl...
  4. LuisM

    XF 2.0 Multi Column Navbar Dropdown

    Hello guys, I'm trying to create multi column navbar in xenForo. How can I create this? Original: Target look:
  5. Kerby

    Lack of interest Navigation Subnavigation Hover Expand Effect

    I wish that the expanded subnavigation will disapear if the cursor moves away like on other sites, because that's much more comfortable for me. In XF it only disappear when I click on other elements in example the background. in xf (don't like): on other sites (good):
  6. N

    XF 1.5 Sub Nav bar

    Not sure if this is the right name for it but here we go. I have changed the size of the Header Tab Height in header and navigation. this work perfectly fine. So now the hight was distributed between the top and bottom part of the nav bar. I like the top bar size (Home, Forum,media, members) but...
  7. N

    Add-on Extra Navbars with Custom Links, Easily Manageable Via Admin Panel

    There used to be a vB plugin, which allowed to create an extra navigation bar below the main navigation bar or anywhere. It had its own admin block, where you could create custom links and sub-menu links manageable via Admin Panel. Description::. This hack will give you an ability to add...
  8. RockThatClock

    XF 1.4 Different navigation on phone

    Hello guys. I have a question. Why is the navigation menu different on iPhone? And how do i eventually fix it, if there is an option for it? (this is how it looks on pc, and thats how I want it to look like on mobile devices) (thats how it looks like on my phone) As you can see, on my iPhone...
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