mysqli statement execute error

  1. Y

    XF 1.4 Upgrade XF 1.4.10 = Account Suspended ??!

    Hi, I have upgrade XenForo to 1.4.10 with : XenForo Updater After this it's okay but 1-2 minutes after this update : Account Suspended Appears on my website for this reason : “Thousands of email in a few minutes This hosting package is currently suspended. You cannot continue to use or manage...
  2. Chromaniac

    Mysqli statement execute error problem on Dreamhost

    This error has been reported by other users and I have gone through the responses. Apparently this is a problem with the server hosting the forum and I agree with that. I have talked to Dreamhost and they blame plugins I must be running on my forum. They also point to most hit components on the...
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