1. AddonFlare

    Unmaintained [AddonFlare] XF2 Moods 1.1.2

    Introducing moods for XF2! Allow users to set and share their current mood with everyone. Add mood images by uploading, URL, or selecting an image from the gallery. Quick setup with gallery import to import all moods from a directory. Note: Mood images used in screenshots are only used as an...
  2. Sheldon

    Unmaintained Meme Moods Redeux 1.1

    Decided to re-do a collection of meme moods I had. Removed the xFS branding in the corner, renamed it and made it legible at least. Here are a couple large sized ones to see the detail.... For those curious, no, the part is not included in the downloadable ones... lol...
  3. Sheldon

    Meme Moods Redeux

    Sheldon submitted a new resource: Meme Moods Reduex - Meh, tired of the same old ones... Read more about this resource...