minecraft sync

  1. SamJakob

    Continuity [Minecraft Rank Synchronisation] 2.0.1

    Continuity allows you to unify XenForo and Minecraft like never before; log into the forums from within Minecraft, synchronise your ranks - bidirectionally - between the forums and the server, show a user's Minecraft name and UUID on their profile page, show their name and avatar next to their...
  2. KensonPlays

    Add-on 2-Way Minecraft <-> XenForo 2.x Sync

    I run a Spigot server. I would love the ability to sync XF and the server together, where if they get a role via X posts on the forum, it can give them the role on the server, OR if they spend enough time on the Minecraft server, it could promote them on the server, then update their role on the...