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  1. ritesh

    XF 2.2 How to remove site's name from meta title?

    Hello, how do I remove the site's name from meta titles? It breaks the titles in search results sometimes due to added characters. This part:
  2. JasonBrody

    Add-on SEO (SEO2) Add-on Alternative to provide such features !

    Hi 😊 Though I couldn't be that lucky to use the add-on by @au lait, wish he could continue - so I could buy & use those my needed features . . . ANYWAY! HE STOPPED . . I've been on WordPress for long time & according to one of my mate the SEO2 add-on just worked like YOAST SEO plugin . ...
  3. X

    XF 1.5 Board Title being appended to Page Meta Title

    I am extremely careful and meticulous about my SEO because I strongly believe there's a reason only certain websites rank high. I would prefer that the "Board Title" not be forcibly appended to all my "Meta title" tags on every page of the site. Just Started my Treatments. | HairLossTalk...