1. T

    XF 2.2 Using XenForo as authentication for other subdomains

    Hello all! I'm working on a site that has multiple components - a Xenforo server (e.g., a Laravel API server ( and a WordPress site ( These are all running on the same physical server, but some are using their own web servers. I don't have much experience...
  2. R

    Not a bug Getting endpoint cannot be found

    hello, i am hitting api from postman and i am getting the same error every time regarding my endpoints are not found i am attaching screenshot of postman also i am send super user xf-api-key with every request. kindly suggest what should i do to solve this issue. Thanks
  3. R

    how can i make a bridge between my custom laravel app and xenforo 2 ?

    hello, I am searching to use one login of laravel for xenforo 2. I have searched many packages but those are outdated. kindly suggest to me how can I achieve this. thanks
  4. Askancy

    SSO Laravel and Xenforo?

    Hi everyone, I am "new" and would like to buy Xenforo, but before doing so I would need a fundamental response for the purchase. Has anyone already managed to make a functioning SSO between Laravel and Xenforo? Can you tell me a developer to contact me and evaluate any costs if there is no...
  5. masterking

    Is a PHP Framework a must

    Hello, I've developed many projects and saw many developers are using frameworks such as Laravel which i know as well. Is a framework a must or do you prefer your own application base ? Regards
  6. T

    laravel / php integration?

    My site is Laravel / PHP based. I'm trying to integrate xenforo into my site with a single login so people who login to my site can be auto-logged into xenforo without the need to login twice. Is there any documentation on that? Can you help me know how to do it?
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