1. jazz_aaf

    Unmaintained [Jazzaaf] xenAntiVirus 1.0.1

    Description: This add-on will check new attachments for viruses and malware code using Virustotal.com's api. Features: Disable new attachments until marked clean. (on/off) Exclude File Types. Exclude User Groups. Use in Private Conversations. (on/off) Permission-based access to the report...
  2. jazz_aaf

    Unmaintained [Jazzaaf] Move Installable Add-ons 1.0.0

    When you have many add-ons installed and uninstalled, you end up with a long list of "Installable Add-ons" that takes most of the add-ons admin page. This little modification will move the installable add-ons to their own page and leave only the installed add-ons in the list.
  3. jazz_aaf

    Unmaintained [Jazzaaf] Popular Content 1.0.0

    In xenForo 1, we used an addon ( WDB Popular Content ) to show the most popular content in our forum (i.e. most replied threads, most liked threads, etc.). Unfortunately, the addon developer did not update the resource to work with XF2. So, we developed this addon to replace the old one. It...
  4. jazz_aaf

    Unmaintained [Jazzaaf] Tweet Post 1.1

    This addon will add the capability to send threads to Twitter. Members of permitted groups can send the thread to a predefined Twitter account. Features: Permission-Based. Editable Tweet content. Notification if the thread has been tweeted before. Uses the phrases system. Setup...
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