1. Blackbeard

    Other Invision Suite Converter

    Hello - We are running an Invision 3.x series and need to convert the downloads, nexus and registry over to Xenforo. I'd like to do the following Downloads -> Threads or Resource Manager Nexus -> Threads or Bob's AMS Register -> Showcase If you are available to do this, please let me know...
  2. T

    Fixed Password authentication problem from Imported IPB 3 forums

    I did a conversion from IPB 3.4 to XenForo and found that a percentage of members were unable to authenticate on their first login attempt. But, many users could authenticate fine. Took a while to figure out, but, the information on how passwords are treated in IPB is explained here...
  3. Demon_skeith

    XF 1.4 Importa issues from IPB

    Hi, I'm doing some test imports for my future xen site and I keep running into issues. My current issue is: I'm doing the Configure User Import step, I have the merge same email box check (don't matter if check or not) and I get this: (** to hide my DB/folder names) Mysqli prepare error...