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  1. MTBeros

    Fixed White space on IE11 after message

    Hi! I have a problem with Xenforo on IE11 because it shows a white block in the end of signature when user is logged and his missage has an image. I tried other browsers and it doesn't happen. It occurs in my actual template, but on default theme too. Thank you!
  2. NUT65

    XF 1.5 Avatar trouble...

    OK, I have a weird problem I can't seem to find the cause for. Avatars uploaded as .gif are not displaying in IE, but fine in any other browser. The avatar itself shows fine in IE when viewed with just the link for the avatar, but not when it should be displayed in the forum. Here's my test...
  3. creativeforge

    Fixed Internet Explorer - text editor: lasso-select/drag and drop?

    Hi guys, Someone wrote me about an issue they have in Internet Explorer, which works perfectly in Firefox: Anyone heard of this? And a solution for the guy? Regards, Andre
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