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install addons

  1. SneakyDave

    XF 2.0 Creating Setup class for addons that require steps

    I might be confused about this, but running the CLI creating a new addon, and I get to the step where it asks me: If I answer yes, I get this Setup class generated: <?php namespace AddonWithSteps; use XF\AddOn\AbstractSetup; use XF\AddOn\StepRunnerInstallTrait; use...
  2. megabosx

    XF 1.5 Does addon installation cause downtime?

    I want to install a new addon to my production site and traffic is constantly high, I have copied the files over but before starting the install I would like to know if the process will result in some downtime
  3. mcatze

    Error when install add-on

    Hi there, i don't know if it is an bug or not. I have a local installation on a home server. When i try to install a new add-on i get this screen directly after clicking the button. But the installation is ok and i have no entries in the logs. It seems something is too fast for this...
  4. R

    How to set default values for permissions?

    How to set default values for permissions - preferable at install time? I just want to prevent users of my addon to wonder why something does not work when they did not set up the permissions.
  5. Alfa1

    Search & install new addons from admincp

    This is actually two suggestions in one. The first one is most important IMHO: Search for available addons from admincp. Currently admins need to visit xenforo.com go to the resource manager and find available addons. It works but as it requires admins to take quite a few steps it means that...