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  1. V

    XF 2.2 vB5 to XF2.2.4, running importer 1.4.1 in docker

    Hi all, I'm running an import with importer 1.4.1 in a docker container setup to migrate a vBulletin forum. The vBulletin SQL dump is around 900MB to give an indication of the size. I have the following setup to migrate: version: '2' services: php: image: xfrocks/xenforo:php-apache...
  2. xTrisx

    XF 2.0 Import from SMF 2.0.15 to Xenforo 2

    Hello, I just bought Xenforo 2 yesterday and now, I was just done setting it up on our web host. Now, I want to import our existing SMF 2.0.15 forum to the newly installed Xenforo 2. When I checked the Import option, I can't find SMF, only vBulletins. Is there really no workaround for this? I...
  3. Soul Fighters Academy

    MG 1.1 Import YouTube Playlist or Channel Feed?

    Hello we have a large YouTube Channel where we have certain videos in playlists that we want displayed. I could have sworn I saw the possibility to import those videos via Media Gallery. Any suggestions?
  4. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained [TH] Import Tools 1.0.1

    What does this add-on do? This add-on adds a number of new options when performing an import from another forum software. By allowing you to undo steps, skip steps and recover previous imports, and by skipping over any IDs that have previously been imported when you run a step more than once...