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  1. bzcomputers

    Add ability to upload image when replying to a report

    On occasion the ability to upload an image to a report is necessary. Currently the only option is to insert an image url, which is not very convenient. Sometimes image uploads, including screen shots, are very useful in replying to user reports to help or explain something to that user. Having...
  2. P

    Option to convert PNG to JPG on upload (because of phone uploads and Chrome copy/paste)

    I'd really love an option to automatically convert PNG to JPG on upload. A lot of our users, instead of using the image button on the edit bar and uploading a file, are clicking on a file, loading it in Chrome or IE, etc, clicking <right-click>,<copy> in the browser on Windows for example...
  3. A

    Unmaintained Upload & Host Images on your forum using Add.Pics for Free 1.0.8

    Remote Image upload & storage using for free image hosting. It provides image uploading to any forum by placing a button that will allow your users to directly upload images to and it will automatically handle the codes needed for insertion. It uses IMG BBCode to embed images...
  4. Alpha1

    Custom Field: File/Image Upload

    It would be very useful to have a custom field type for file/image upload. Not only would we be able to force an upload of an image or document for a specific purpose, we would also be able to display it in a standard location. This would be useful for thread fields, profile fields, resource...
  5. Alpha1

    Mobile Share: Share video, image, file, link, location to XenForo

    Mobile devices have a share function to share video, images, files, links, location straight from the phone to a post. With 2-3 clicks a user shares their content to the site. This is why social media like Facebook get so many user video's and forums hardly get any. People no longer upload...
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