1. XDinc

    [XTR] Advanced Content Edit History 1.0.2

    Advanced Content Edit History This add-on allows you to control the content edit history via advanced user group permissions. Options Permissions Result Alert Edit logs on member's profile page. Daily max. content edit limit warning
  2. L

    [EAE Add-ons] History 1.0.1

    A lot happens on a forum, or even to a forum, over the course of years. The history add-on helps you to keep track of events and milestones that occur, and when they occurred. This is useful for nostalgic reasons, and informative reasons. You can record an event that may consist of hiring your...
  3. htsumer

    XF 2.1 last seen

    last seen failure yesterday in the forum old date on profile (Thursday 23:17) v2.1.2
  4. E

    RM 2.0 views and alter history

    I have two questions that someone hopefully could help me with. Is there a way to show how many times a resource has been viewed, kind of in the right menu where it shows amount of downloads that it has a view counter also? or is there some add-on that can do this for version 2.0? my second...
  5. dutchbb

    Our Adsense history

    It has been quite a rollercoaster... It has been awful since the ban but it seems to be recovering now. Perhaps someone finds this interesting or can even post some tips.