1. Mave

    Lack of interest A way to set a Accept-language header when unfurl'ing - Embedded links now use server's language

    Hey, My server is based in Germany. Unfortunately this results in many addons (like s9e media sites) using German language. See below the embedded IMDB link for "Back To The Future". Source: https://forums.tms.sx/threads/movies-general-discussion.24954/page-18#post-339509 The only way to...
  2. M

    XF 2.2 Headers not making it to the server

    In postman I can make a request to the xf api without issue, but when doing it with the fetch api on localhost, I get an error about the api key not being present. It's in the headers, and I can see it in the dev tools. Access-Control-Allow-Origin is set in .htaccess, not sure if there's...
  3. N

    [Widget 2.x] Display Random Banners, Quotations, FAQs, Logos, Sub-headers & More

    📌 If you install this modification then please press the Like button! Display Random Quotations, Tips, FAQs, Logos, Sub-headers in a widget or in any template, anywhere in the forums! Widgets > Add Widgets > HTML Widget - Widget definition: HTML - Widget key: quotes - Title: Quotations or...
  4. Lamp

    XF 1.5 Very strange caching issues

    We've been having problems with caching where basically, the browser seems to cache everything which is causing problems of outdated content showing. This occurs everywhere on the forum and even in the admin CP. Examples: When visiting the site, old content is displayed if browser visited...
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