1. questlot

    XF 2.2 Does Convert URLs to page titles expose IP?

    I just ant to ensure my forum is fully secured from hackers and DDOS attack. Enabling Convert URLs to page titles will it expose my forum origin IP address even when am using cloudflare?
  2. Chernabog

    Hacked? Healthcheck Gone Screwy? Somethings not right this morning & I could really use a little helpful feedback...

    Hi everyone, I hope this is the right forum, because it looks as though I need a little help. Everything has been fine with our XF and yesterday I went ahead and ran some standard upgrades on add-ons we've been using for a long time from well known vendors and then I did the XF fix to get user...
  3. Menibelus

    XF 1.5 My forum is hacked

    Hello I have hack my forum, could some one help me to put it back on foot Thanks
  4. Alpha1

    Limit username validation attempts to improve security

    The registration form has a username validation function. it seems this can be abused by attackers to find out what accounts are present on the site. The attacker can run a script to try millions of possible usernames to get a member list. I have recently encountered such attack on my vbulletin...
  5. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 We've been spammed - help!

    Hi, I'm not sure which it is, spammed to death, or hacked to death. I need help from experienced users who can guide me what to do next. I just disabled the board, so what should I do next? Thanks! Andre
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