1. Chernabog

    Hacked? Healthcheck Gone Screwy? Somethings not right this morning & I could really use a little helpful feedback...

    Hi everyone, I hope this is the right forum, because it looks as though I need a little help. Everything has been fine with our XF and yesterday I went ahead and ran some standard upgrades on add-ons we've been using for a long time from well known vendors and then I did the XF fix to get user...
  2. Menibelus

    XF 1.5 My forum is hacked

    Hello I have hack my forum, could some one help me to put it back on foot Thanks
  3. Alpha1

    Limit username validation attempts to improve security

    The registration form has a username validation function. it seems this can be abused by attackers to find out what accounts are present on the site. The attacker can run a script to try millions of possible usernames to get a member list. I have recently encountered such attack on my vbulletin...
  4. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 We've been spammed - help!

    Hi, I'm not sure which it is, spammed to death, or hacked to death. I need help from experienced users who can guide me what to do next. I just disabled the board, so what should I do next? Thanks! Andre