1. Mythotical

    XF 2.0 Method to Replace cURL

    Ok I have this so far, I'm not sure if I need more but before I test, I wanted to make sure I have what I need. $requestLink = $region.'wow/realm/status?locale='. $locale .'&apikey=' . $options->xenwow_api_key; try { $results =...
  2. Sim

    Lack of interest Implement Guzzle v6

    Note: I'm adding this suggestion here now that the XF2 developer preview discussion forum is about to be archived. Refer to this thread: for the original discussion. XF 2.0 implements Guzzle 5.3.1 which was released in July 2016 (Guzzle...
  3. Sim

    Beta Guzzle6 for XenForo 2.0 1.3.0

    Due to PHP version constraints, XenForo 2.0 implements Guzzle 5.3 rather than the current Guzzle 6.x This XenForo 2.0 addon replaces the built in libraries with Guzzle 6.x and provides a test suite to ensure functionality is preserved. Important: the only reason you would want to install this...