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  1. Mythotical

    XF 2.0 Method to Replace cURL

    Ok I have this so far, I'm not sure if I need more but before I test, I wanted to make sure I have what I need. $requestLink = $region.'wow/realm/status?locale='. $locale .'&apikey=' . $options->xenwow_api_key; try { $results =...
  2. Sim

    Implement Guzzle v6

    Note: I'm adding this suggestion here now that the XF2 developer preview discussion forum is about to be archived. Refer to this thread: https://xf2demo.xenforo.com/threads/guzzle-version.2524/ for the original discussion. XF 2.0 implements Guzzle 5.3.1 which was released in July 2016 (Guzzle...
  3. Sim

    Beta Guzzle6 for XenForo 2 1.2.0

    Due to PHP version constraints, XenForo 2.0 implements Guzzle 5.3 rather than the current Guzzle 6.x This XenForo 2.0 addon replaces the built in libraries with Guzzle 6.x and provides a test suite to ensure functionality is preserved. Important: the only reason you would want to install this...