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  1. RichDevman

    XF 2.2 Is there Google news support yet?

    It looks like Xenforo isn't supported by google news yet. Is there anyway to get a Xenforo site in there?
  2. A

    XF 2.1 Auto News add-on?!

    Hello, I have a simple question: I would like to show latest google news - about a specific search term - in my forum. I want to display this in its own category (forum). Is that possible? Is there an add-on, that fetches these specific news / articles from google, and makes them (or at...
  3. Andro

    Google News sitemap support

    Hi, Google has been giving more preferences/importance to Google News articles/posts lately like they show news above search reaults, especially trending ones. Since XF has no AMS/CMS system can atleast the native sitemap handler extended to do submission into Google News so if we define a...
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