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google maps

  1. Alfa1

    Member location Google autocomplete

    The ease the registration process it is useful to have google maps autocomplete for the location field. This can be set to limit to region so that it does not include the full postal address. There is a benefit for addons to this function as well. I think its important to ease the...
  2. CrispinP

    User map 4.1.2

    View users on an interactive map This add-on allows you to view your users on an interactive map. Demo https://www.landcruiserclub.net/community/usermap [New users - please take note] I appreciate people buying this - I really do. It goes into the beer fund and helps develop it more. When you...
  3. CrispinP

    Unmaintained User location map 1.0.1

    SEE HERE FOR NEW ONE: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/user-map.5188/ View users on an interactive map This will remain a free and stripped down version of the real add-on. Fully fledged version: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/user-map.5188/ I will update this add-on soon...