1. DeltaHF

    What is your development/staging/production workflow?

    What development/staging/production workflow do you use to maintain your site? I am looking to update and modernize my workflow as I move my community to XF 2.2 and I'm curious to see what others are doing. Is there is a recommended best practice? My site is far too large (400+ GB, including...
  2. BoostN

    XF 2.0 PHPStorm and GIT

    Hey all, I've got the repository created and I'm able to commit and push changes fine to the project on gitlab from phpstorm. Now I would like to continue to work on the project on a different PC and I want to pull/clone my latest changes into this PC. I have a fresh local install of XF...
  3. eva2000

    Centmin Mod Users ensure on latest CentOS 6.9 or 7.4 For Paypal/Github TLSv1.2 Change

    As there are many Centmin Mod LEMP stack users here, thought I'd give folks a heads up to ensure they have updated their CentOS version to latest version either 6.9 or 7.4 to get the latest curl and git versions that support TLSv1.2. Otherwise, Centmin Mod git backed updates and Paypal usage via...
  4. Earl

    Setup git repos

    Does anyone use version control system with XenForo addons? In case you guys are using git how do you setup repositories with xf addons? In my case I think I should use git submodules on each plugin, but currently I'm facing a problem XenForo | | +--js/MyAddon/Addon.js | +--library/MyAddon |...
  5. M

    Using Xenforo with 3 stage development environment

    We're looking to move to XF from VB 4.2. We currently use a deployment process based on Git and to move features/changes on our VB/WP hybrid site from the developer's local install, to our development instance, then to staging and finally production, syncing with and pushing/pulling...