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  1. Sirmadsen

    XF 1.5 Recent post links to posts 0

    Hi all. I'm pretty new to xenforo coming from vBulletin and IPB so even though trying to solve this myself and can't seem to find any related issues here on the forums (yes, I've done a search before posting this). So my problem is that all latest posts on forum home nodes links to /posts/0. It...
  2. Neutral Singh

    XF 1.5 Copy Thread Prefixes to Multiple Nodes...

    How can i copy thread prefixes created in one node to other multiple nodes without having to create them individually for every node... :eek: Is it possible to copy/create thread prefixes in multiple forum nodes?
  3. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained Side By Side Nodes

    Hey everyone, I hear a lot of talk lately about side by side nodes, so here is a resource to get you in the right direction. If you goal is to have an alternate style to your node list or save some space, this is a great way to set your forums up and XenForo is neat enough to allow this to be...