1. M

    Convert core_pikaday.less hardcoded CSS hex colours to use @xf-* style properties.

    Towards the end of the core_pikaday.less master style template, there are some style rules which contain hardcoded values for font colour, background, etc. This relates to .is-inrange .pika-button, .is-startrange .pika-button and .is-endrange .pika-button. While I don't believe XF 2.0...
  2. XFA

    [XFA] Thread Template - XF2 2.0.0

    Description Thread Template lets you define default message template for each of your nodes. It can be useful for example if there are information you'd like to have when your user post support requests. Features Configurable per forum from the add/edit node pages Wysiwyg editor [NEW 2.0.0]...
  3. R

    Extend AutoValidator/Ignore errors

    I want to automatically trigger a button/submit a form, which is using the XenForo AutoValidator. However, I want to "catch" the error, so it does not show the error overlay it usually does if an error happens. The aim is to hide the button, so that the "form confirmation" happens automatically...
  4. Kintaro

    "Advanced" contact form

    How about a more advanced contact form? A contact form that can be used for example from a "Guest" to send Reports or open threads in specific destination forum. With the possibilty to choose from different destinations/recipients with a dropdown menu or radio buttons. (copied here from the...
  5. markku

    Add-on Better Registration System

    Ah sweet goodness that looks so much better than the XenForo stuff. Of course should have username field too (and CAPTCHA), but I don't think other fields are necessarily required before completing registration. I wonder how easy it would be to implement something like this? Or how much custom...
  6. PumpinIron

    Is there an easy way to integrate XenForo Login / Sign-Up form with non XenForo page?

    I'm curious to know if there is an easy way to integrate XenForo Login / Sign-Up form with non XenForo page? What I mean by that is if I have a main page that is basic HTML / CSS / PHP is there a way to embed the XenForo login / sign-up form and have once submitted have it take hand over the...