fontawesome icon

  1. SeventhSentinel

    XF 2.2 Replace FA thumbs up with custom one

    I'd like to use my own icon instead of the default thumbs up icon. I would like it to show up as the appropriate color specified by the theme, like the default. How can I do this? I would like to use or convert an SVG that looks like this: To replace all of these: So that it looks something...
  2. M

    Unmaintained [MarentDev] FontAwesome 5 Auto-Completer 1.0.0 Alpha

    Auto completer for FontAwesome icons (free). Use prefix: % You just need to add to the attribute data-xf-init fontawesome-completer Work on public and admin side :) FontAwesome icons are automatically fetch from official github repo. 🤟
  3. P

    Unmaintained Add a FA logo on the user's banner

    Hello ! Here is the final rendering: Go to the Panel Admin then in "Groups & Permissions" and go to "User Group", choose the group you want. Once inside, you will add an FA in HTML in the box "User banner text" Save and admire the result :)