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  1. P

    Unmaintained Add a FA logo on the user's banner

    Hello ! Here is the final rendering: Go to the Panel Admin then in "Groups & Permissions" and go to "User Group", choose the group you want. Once inside, you will add an FA in HTML in the box "User banner text" Save and admire the result :)
  2. Jean-Baptiste

    [] 🔥 User groups icons : add a FontAwesome icon in front of usernames 🔥 1.0.7

    [] 🔥 Usergroup icon in front of username 🔥 Description This addon allows you to set a user group FontAwesome icon in front of usernames. Features ✅ Add any FontAwesome icon for a user group ✅ Support for spinning by adding 'fa-spin' in the user group icon text box (doc) ✅ Resize the...