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  1. BassMan

    [cXF] Remove quote reply in first post only 1.1.2

    Description: Remove reply by quoting message in first post only. Screens:
  2. MacSeah

    Add-on A simple call to action "message" button

    On a few sections of my forum dealing with personal ads, I want to implement a message button right below the post content of the starter post. It is a call to action button which we can name it i.e. 'send message'. Text we can change. Enable of selected forum's and selected user group. It...
  3. CNK

    Add-on Chief First Post - Every Page [Forum Based]

    Hello, could you tell me if there is any addon similar to "Chief First Post - Every Page [Forum Based]" from vBulletin: ? Regards!
  4. RichardKYA

    XF 1.5 Like thread's first post from within the thread list

    Would it be possible to like a thread's first post from within the thread list? I've added the likes count to the thread_list_item so that it is viewable in the thread list... ...if possible I would like to turn it into a button so that users can like the first post from here. I'm not sure...
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