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  1. P

    Lack of interest Watched content and finding new posts (multiselect Watch, search by filter Watched, custom filters)

    Hello! I am not a customer, just a simple forum user. I hope it is OK for me to post a suggestion. Main idea: as a user, I want to find new posts from a specific multiple forums. It is possible with "Watch" forum and search for new posts by selecting filter "watched". But to do so I need to...
  2. Live Free

    XF 1.5 New Posts Post/Max Posts/Pagination

    As I understand it, the new posts page shows all new posts since a users last session unless the post is thirty days old or older. On my forum it seems that there is a limit to six pages in the new posts pagination, even though more than six pages are new. If a user visits the new posts page...
  3. Alpha1

    'All New Content' tab on find-new (new posts)

    Currently new content can be found in tabs on find new. Each content type has a tab. Some addons have multiple content types. If you have a lot of addons you can easily have 15+ tabs that need to be clicked to discover all new content. This of course is not intuitive nor effective. Please add...
  4. Liam W

    Unmaintained Find New Thread No Content 1.0.1

    This is a very simple install-and-done add-on that'll show threads in find new to users that have permission to view threads, but not permission to view thread content. Easiest way to see this in action is at my site, XF Liam - XenForo Add-On Development - all my paid add-on categories are...
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