email admin on server error

  1. Will Franco

    XF 2.1 Gmail will retry for... [STOP ACTION]

    How do I stop Xenforo from retying to send emails? More Info I sent a mass email from XF 2.xx through a Google Apps account. Mail Delivery Subsystem is bouncing several errors back: address not found, delivery incomplete, message blocked, and message not delivered. Many emails sent...
  2. xTrisx

    XF 2.0 Email Service Provider

    Hello, We are having issues in handling our emails for the forum. Members and new members don't get any emails from us. May I know what site offers handling forum emails that can handle ours? As you can see in this screenshot: We have a lot of errors going on and we...
  3. Solmak

    Email Admin when Server Error is Logged

    Hi everyone- I am coming from vB and not sure if XF has default functionality for this or any add-on can do this for me. Basically, I want an email to be sent out to the forum admin/default email setup in XF installation each time a server error occurs or server error is logged. It helps me...