1. Kruzya

    XF 2.2 Installing XenForo for "development purposes" in home-placed server

    I'm sure i readed somewhere this here, but i can't find. I has a "home-placed" server. Primarily i use him for network access (3 network interfaces: one for .local subnet, another two - upstreams with access to Internet), secondly - for "shared file hosting" (attached drives is published in LAN...
  2. NandorHUN

    XF 2.2 What's the best way to manage two user groups in a forum? (Multiple solutions: which one is the best? )

    Hi Guys! I want to create a forum with two subgroups ( let's say group1 is "clients" and group2 is "partners"). I want them to have the same privivileges but group2 be able to access a different forum on different page. What's the best way to do it? I read about it so I have a lot of different...
  3. Joviii

    XF 2.2 Forum Domain not working

    I just installed the Xenforo folder on my FTP Server and setup a Database. The problem is now, the only domain workling is . is not working. I hope someone can help.
  4. Codeless

    XF 1.5 Block Access from website

    Hello . i have a website like and IP of website is : i dont want to peoples to access my website via ip i want to accept users only came from domain name url this possible ? only user who enter domain name can access website if they trying to access via domain...
  5. J

    ComeDaddy Domain

    Team kindly suggest me weather can i sell or can i install xenforo software on ...? i am holding long time this domain , please suggest me, Thanks K.jagan
  6. W

    XF 1.5 Will changing the main domain, affects the forums?

    Hi, I want to change the main domain of my hosting, which will go from a .org to a .com (same base name). I already have both domains associatted to my account. Will that affect the forum in any way? thanks,
  7. tab0reqq

    Merge XF forum as anothers subforum?

    Hi there folks, Let me specify my needs. So far I have a forum: (about Starbound game) - to be exact (cause I use portal plugin). I want to: 1) Make another multi-game site: 2) Make Wordpress blog on main domain. 3) Start new XF...
  8. W

    XF 1.4 No login possible after domain migration

    Hi, I migrated my forum from to a dedicated domain: The database as well as the webroot remained the same, just the domain changed. I changed the cookie domain to "" in library/config.php. I changed the xf_option "boardUrl" to...
  9. Sheldon

    Quick domain question /opinion.....

    So, looking at domains. Grabbed two I liked. "Your"....restofdomain...."HQ".com Or "The".....restofdomain...."HQ".com My question, which would be better, "Your" or "The"? Myself, doesn't matter to me. For someone navigating, what would be more natural?
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