1. ⭐ Alex ⭐

    Official Docker Images

    Suggestion provides access to private docker container registry with official XF docker images to licensed users, so that docker can be an installation option. I've heard there's no official XF docker images due to the forum software requiring a license. This can be solved if XF...
  2. V

    XF 2.2 vB5 to XF2.2.4, running importer 1.4.1 in docker

    Hi all, I'm running an import with importer 1.4.1 in a docker container setup to migrate a vBulletin forum. The vBulletin SQL dump is around 900MB to give an indication of the size. I have the following setup to migrate: version: '2' services: php: image: xfrocks/xenforo:php-apache...
  3. PaulB

    Server issue Docker dev environment compatibility: account for faulty 9p filesystem driver

    WSL2's 9p filesystem driver is faulty: This can cause problems with cross-platform Docker-based devkits. While this is ultimately a problem that Microsoft needs to fix, there's a quick workaround that XenForo can implement to mitigate issues with...
  4. megabosx

    Unmaintained XenForo Docker

    These instructions explain how to run XenForo in docker containers this can be used for local testing or production with additional configuration. On Your Computer (Localhost): Install Docker and Docker Compose Copy the following contents into a...
  5. FeelingPeckish

    Anyone using Docker for their VPS company?

    I wonder If anyone has a hosting/server company which uses Docker rather than traditional virtualization? And what would be the pros/cons of both systems for you?
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