1. MrSwalbert

    Creating a New Page

    Hey, I will be purchasing a xenForo license soon and decided to try the demo. I have looked at everything except creating a new page. I have looked at the FAQs and it says there should be an "Applications" tab (YouTube videos also show this). Obviously, the ACP has been updated and I'm not quite...
  2. RealAndrewPlayz

    Xenforo Demo?!?!

    I have a suggestion for the Xenforo Demo Maybe we could keep everything like it is with the xenforo demo but only change 3 things, We could make it to where the demos do NOT expire and delete, we could change it to where we chose our own website link name with xenforo after (example...
  3. T

    Not a bug icons, logos and picture missing

    So i found a tamplate named "Tungsten" downloaded it and imported it to my demo page. Everything looks to work Perfect exept loging and conversations wont show up. And all icons, logos and Pictures neither Works. its just transparent witha tiny pix like 5 pixels big With an X across in top right...
  4. C

    Demo and Pre-sale question

    Okay, I am playing with the DEMO software and I see "Media" in the tab area. Is this the "Media Gallery"? It is hard to differentiate what is add-on from what is the forum software only. I ask this because I am trying to see what image functionality is available in the standard forum...
  5. Tan Tran

    Unmaintained NoPass 1.0

    I was trying to create a Demo account on my website and Demo account should be not allowed to change password, request new passwords or change email. Then i ended up with this addon. This simple addon will add some new general permissions to usergroups/users. - Disable Password Change ability...
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