ddos attack

  1. MySiteGuy

    Xenforo Proxy Service

    If you use Cloudflare or another DDOS protection service, that service alone is not enough! Your server's IP address will "leak" if your server sends email directly, users link to outside sites or users paste URLs of external images. The first area, email: To protect your IP address from...
  2. questlot

    XF 2.2 Does Convert URLs to page titles expose IP?

    I just ant to ensure my forum is fully secured from hackers and DDOS attack. Enabling Convert URLs to page titles will it expose my forum origin IP address even when am using cloudflare?
  3. questlot

    ddos attacked on my forum any solution?

    I got ddos attacked on my shared hosting and my website was taking down by Namecheap and they recommended i move to another hosting service or upgrade to a VPS plan which i did and after few hours the ddos attack begin again and namecheap support have not been able to provide any tangible...
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