1. DragonByte Tech

    Unmaintained [DBTech] DragonByte SEO URLs to XenForo 2 1.2.0

    THIS RELEASE IS UNSUPPORTED AND PROVIDED ENTIRELY AS-IS WITH NO GUARANTEES, WARRANTIES OR PROMISE IT WILL WORK FOR YOU. This script lets you import your old DragonByte SEO configuration and have any supported URLs redirected to XF2. Which URLs are supported depends on the XenForo Redirects for...
  2. T

    vBulletin 4 (with dbSEO) to xenForo

    Hi all, I want to change my forum software from vbulletin to xenForo but i have a big question (i've searched the forum and i don't take an answer); If i do this my forum links on the Google will be unavailable (because i don't find a way about dbSEO link convert) and i want to use default...
  3. S

    XF 1.5 DBSEO URL rewrite

    Hey there, we´re just about to launch our forums and imported vBulletin 4 into xf. Now comes the part where the url redirects come into the game and that won´t work atm. I don´t understand url rewriting and hope that may be someone who is more capable of could gimme a helping hand on this...
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