custom thread fields

  1. imno007

    XF 2.0 Custom Thread Fields Display Issue in Thread Status Block

    Can someone tell me how custom thread fields in the Thread status block position should look? I see this on one account: And this on another: Same usergroup and using the same browsers, emptied cache and cookies and all that jazz, so not sure why one displays one way and the other...well...
  2. Bread

    XF 2.0 How to remove the display location for a Custom Thread Field

    Hey, Trying to create an "I agree to" button for certain areas of the site, but the result always displays in one of the three locations. Is there a way to make the result vanish with say a template conditional and the Field ID?
  3. T

    XF 2.0 How can I copy the register_form into a other page? + Custom Thread Field with img?

    Hey, guys, I've been working very hard on my forum lately, so I have a few questions to answer. The first question: I am currently trying to display the content of register_form on a different page. (So that people can register on another page where they also have their login). So I simply tried...
  4. imno007

    XF 2.0 How to Reduce the Space After the Colon in a Custom Thread Field

    I feel like this must be something really simple to do, but I'm too stupid to figure it out. Basically, when I create a custom thread field, I want it to display like this: custom field here: more text here instead of how it displays by default, which is like this: custom field here...