custom theme

  1. V

    Custom theme + Landing page request

    Hi guys! I am currently looking for a custom theme developement. What I need is a theme with a similar style to the new windows11 ui. Controls (checkboxes, dropdowns, font etc.) should look the same and also the animations should look like in win11. Apart from the forum theme, I also need a...
  2. Sapling Central

    XF 2 [COMPLETE] Custom Theme

    Hey there! My name is Sean and I am reaching out to find a website designer experienced with XenForo designing specifically. I need a custom theme for my project and it shouldn’t be too much to ask for. This of course will be paid, I will discuss more when in contact. I have a couple of...
  3. John L.

    Bor3d Gaming - CS:GO Gaming Community

    Hey All, Well my forums have been up for a while now so it's best to get some feedback and find some areas of improvement. I'll give you all a quick history lesson on bG and hopefully it'll make more sense: I started bG back in 2009 and closed the community in...