1. Ozzy47

    [OzzModz] Template Modification List Tweaks 2.0.0

    Same-Page Download -> Very quick and dirty addon for anyone who may find it useful. I may work on this more but it gets the job done. If you have a test instance with a large number of modifications, this will help clear away clutter so you can focus on what you're working on. Expand or...
  2. Orit

    Unmaintained Make collapsible sub-forums of a forum with no parent in forum list

    This is something I've been trying to gain for quite some time. It works with my forum: In the forum list, When you have a long list of sub forums, you'd often like them to collapse into a sub-forum list. However, by default they'd collapse only when they are on third level...
  3. K

    Hiding reactions and collapsible custom thread fields

    There are two simple features that I would like to have on my forum. I'm willing to pay $10 for each. Hide message reactions from select user groups Collapsible custom thread fields (individually and/or all as a collection, maybe for select user groups even: whatever is technically reasonable...
  4. XDinc

    Unmaintained [XTR] Collapsible Sections 1.0.0

    Warnings Compatible XF versions is 2.1+ This addon won't support 3rd party styles. Options Continuing Collapsible Sidebar (Going on)
  5. Steve F

    Collapsible User Extras

    This template mod will hide the extra user info in messages by default. Stats can be shown by simply clicking the expand arrow. I will only support default styles, no 3rd party styles will receive support. Along with that if you use a Pixel Exit style this is already built into each style. :p...