classifieds addon

  1. Mackeral_Fillet

    Add-on Classifieds

    I've followed the Good For Nothing add on for a long time, then @Stuart Wright's almost to public fruition offering (which understandably was not generally released). But we are now still in a situation where there are no classifieds Add Ons that are fit for purpose. I'd be interested if there...
  2. Kintaro

    Add-on DragonByte Tech Classifieds addon

    I noticed this post on the Shop thread: What do you think about it? I never used it on vbulletin and the official demo is empty. Anyone know some forum using it?
  3. ichpen

    Add-on New Classifieds Add-on - (Draft)

    In the interest of keeping things respectable I'm pinning this proposal up for discussion on a new classifieds addon for XF as a previous one appears to be abandoned. Some of the original discussions can be read in Mr Goodie's original classifieds addon (here...