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  1. E

    XF 2.2 How to NOT display child forum node on homepage forum list, but DO display child forum node on parent forum?

    Hi there, The screenshots will help understand what I'm trying to do, which is this: I do not want the child forums displayed on the homepage forum list (those circled in red on the first screenshot), but when a user clicks the parent forum, for example East Asia, I DO want the forums displayed...
  2. K

    What differentiates sibling from child node?

    They seem to be moreorless the same as far as I can tell from the demo you've kindly afforded potential customers?
  3. N

    XF 1.5 Vanishing Column in Forum Nodes Tree in AdminCP

    Well, today i hit the 500 node mark... o_O and as soon as i created the 500th node the following Create new... column with drop-down options simply vanishes altogether... Showing 499 of 499 items... Showing 500 of 500 items... dang! the Create New... column is gone without a trace... without...
  4. imno007

    Lack of interest Change Thread Sort Order for Parent and Child Nodes

    I know we can already change the default sort order for an individual node, but I would like to see an option in the admin to change it for a parent node and all it's children at one time, rather then having to click through each child node one by one making the change. Kind of tedious if you...
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