1. M

    XF 1.5 Admin / User Login Issues with 1.5.16

    We've had zero changes to our Xenforo boards since forever, and the disk space appears to be fine at 60% free. However we appear to be getting session issues during the login process that is causing the logins to not complete after authentication. A correct username and password just flips back...
  2. CTXMedia

    XF 1.5 cacheSessions: does it only use the configured backend cache or can it be pointed at another cache?

    I've been tweaking my server today and replaced my Libmemcached backend cache with APCu because it's faster (in my set-up). Unfortunately, with cacheSessions enabled everyone gets logged out anytime you stop/start or restart Apache because it flushes the APCu cache. The "fix" was removing the...
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