1. Stuart Wright

    Bump thread - single click option to quickly bump thread to the top

    I want to suggest a bump thread feature. It's something which is occasionally very useful. For example, I have taken a couple of weeks to carefully compose an article thread I want to publish. It's created, proofed and edited in the moderators' private forum before finally being moved to a...
  2. R

    XF 2.2 Stop thread bumping on reply

    Hi Is there a way to stop threads being bumped when they are replied to in a node? We have a news forum and we want to keep the list in date order of the post. Thanks!
  3. L

    Unmaintained [EAE] BumperRM 1.2.1

    BumperRM is a free add-on that requires the Bumper v1.1 (paid) add-on. It is why it can only be downloaded from eaeaddons.com. See Update 1 for significant changes. Description: BumperRM adds new permissions to give members the the option to bump their own, or others, resources to the top of...
  4. 021

    [021] Thread up (bump) 2.1.0

    This add-on allows your users to promote their threads by raising them in the list. Thread up does not affect anything other than the position of the thread in lists sorted by last post date. Raising threads can also be scheduled. For example, for every 10 minutes or every day. You can limit...