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  1. The Grand Potentate

    XF 1.5 Auto-linking of titles rarely working

    wanted to run this past the experts as I cannot seem to get links to auto-populate for the past few versions of 1.5. It used to work great and now hardly anything links. Even links from the forum sometimes don't work. I know it's somewhat dependent on the website but with my conversion rate so...
  2. S

    Auto Link Bug -- Threads With Prefix

    Auto Link fails on Threads with prefixes. Have tested this multiple times and results are reproducible.
  3. gaphamchien

    I want Auto keyword linker Resources Manager

    Hey Everybody.. I want "Auto keyword linker" Resources like "Auto keyword linker" of [Tinhte] XenTag, I needed this feature, please help me! thank
  4. Jon W

    Fixed Convert URLs to page titles fails on some URLs due to lack of 'Accept' header

    Not sure if this is just specific to this one website, but I've found an example of a site that returns a 404 error when XenForo tries to get its title, even though it is a valid page. Example: Adding: ->setHeaders('Accept', 'text/html') to the...
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