1. BassMan

    [cXF] Sidebar for Media 1.2.0

    Description: Move sidebar next to the media item or media album. Hide media sidebar blocks with permissions. Features: optionally move sidebar next to media item (look at the screenshot below) optionally move sidebar next to album view (look at the screenshot below) option to enable the Copy...
  2. Dadparvar

    Ban from Album/Media

    Just like how we can ban specific user(s) from replying to the threads, would be useful to have an option to ban user(s) from rating/commenting/viewing media/album.
  3. hollosch

    MG 1.1 Change date of pictures/album/categories

    Hi, is it possible to change the date of a album/pictures/category? Because i have an album with pictures from 2012, and now this album is first in the list, but should be last in the list...
  4. Dadparvar

    MG 1.1 Rss for XFMG and its albums and categories

    Hi, Is there any RSS for XFMG? I can't find it. Also does each category or album have RSS for itself too? Regards, Hamed
  5. XFA

    [XFA] MG Album Block 2.0.0

    Description XFMG Album Block lets you display a new block on your forum displaying either Latest or Random albums from your XenForo Media Gallery. Block is displayed without needing widgets, but you can also display them using 2 widgets included: Widget Framework XenPorta 2 Pro Features...
  6. XFA

    [XFA] Forum Statistics 2.4.1

    Description This add-on allows you to display different statistics on a specific set of pages of your forum, regarding the forum, the tags, the user activities, the resource manager and the media gallery. You can place each block individually in the right column or left and finely select which...
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