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  1. Amadeus

    XF 1.3 Akismet Integration Still Working for XF 1.3.10?

    Can anyone confirm that akismet integration is still working in XF 1.3.10? I am not seeing anything in the "Spam Cleaner Log" and I'm not sure where else I'm supposed to look and see debug and/or log information on when XF is checking against akismet using my API key. Or, if anyone has a...
  2. Sim

    Fixed Implement Akismet comment_type

    The current implementation of the Akismet spam checker sets the comment_type to comment, which is not really recommended for anything other than actual blog comments. According to the Akismet documentation, there are other comment_types which you can set which may be of assistance to them in...
  3. Rudy

    XF 1.5 Akismet usage

    I have entered an Akismet API key for the forum. No problem with that. Question--does Akismet check every forum post as it is made, or only the first X number of posts (as set by "Maximum Messages to Check for Spam" in the admin settings)? I could see bumping into my top monthly limit on the...