1. hibiskus

    XF 2.2 Can i change admin.php into something crypting.php?

    Hey I wanted to ask if it would make any problem if I change the generic name admin.php to something like xn3qskdw9.php? I am asking for security reasons, since that is a static point for black hats to try on. I am not asking if this makes sense or not, simply if it would interfere or brake...
  2. EgvAg

    XF 2.0 File Health Check - src/XF/Admin/Controller/Admin.php

    The File Health Check result says, that there´s something wrong with the file src/XF/Admin/Controller/Admin.php How can I fix this? I don´t know what´s wrong with this file.
  3. Senpai

    XF 1.5 Password Protection with htaccess

    Password Protection with htaccess With .htaccess it is very easy to password protect a folder or directory. The method is calledhtaccess password protection or htaccess authentication, and works by uploading two files called .htaccess and .htpasswd in the directory you want to password protect...
  4. W

    Empty admin.php after 1.4.8 -> 1.4.10 upgrade

    Problem: I upgraded from 1.4.8. to 1.4.10 The admin.php is delivered completely empty (no content at all) HTTP status code for the admin.php is 200 the frontend works fine though What did I try to fix the issue? I tried to rebuild the master data via the install tool (at least 5 times) -> no...
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