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  1. X`enCircle

    XenCircle Here For Fix and Develop Addons in Reasonable Price

    Hi EveryBody! 2+ year Experience in Xenforo I provide you services related Xenforo: New Addon Development installation and configuration Solve Addon Issues and Bugs Existing Addon customization Addon for Migration Addon for Api project Addon From XF1 to XF2 Addon for Custom Fields Addon for...
  2. Baby Community

    XF 2 Forum Usage by Selected Language

    My forum is a bilingual forum. The languages used in my forum are English and Turkish. Despite many warnings, many members write in English to the Turkish forum or in Turkish to the English forum. We can't handle it anymore. Members whose mother tongue is English should not be able to write in...
  3. F

    Addon and Style Developer

    Hi everyone, I have over 10 years of experience working with clients on a variety of PHP projects, from last one year I am associate with a xenforo's client and doing work for him on different xenforo projects, i think now i have enough knowledge of xenforo so now my services will be available...
  4. Baby Community

    Add-on Google Auto Ads editor Request

    Friends xenforo plugin manufacturers this is a global call. You all know Google auto ads. Xenforo is the scourge of the forums. It breaks the theme. But it doesn't work without it. It is a good source of income. My only request from you is to make a Google Auto ad editor plugin for...
  5. psychotactics

    Display Name functionality

    We are migrating our SMF forum to Xenforo. SMF has the ability to have a user name (login name) and Display Name. Members can also tag (mention) members using the Display Name, Search for posts by the Display Name and Search for Members by the Display Name. We have created a new custom field...
  6. Alex.D

    Addon Development | Migration Services | Monthly Maintenance

    Services no longer offered. Please Note: I am Alex.D (there is dot b/w Alex and D), there is also a great full stack developer named as AlexD and he is working here since long time.
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