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  1. XxUnkn0wnxX

    Add-on Whats a good Ads Manager For XF?

    Hey what is the best ads manager for Xenforo out there? and what is the main difference between Ads Manager by Siropu & XenCentral Ad Server they seem to do the same things, I want easily place my google Ads Sense ads any where I also want them to be responsive. I also need the Ad Manager to...
  2. S

    What Ad Manager Add-On Would Suit My Forum Best?

    I am preparing to monetise a midsize forum and not sure what to choose to manage this. Instead of adsense type advertising I am going to have a lot of different local businesses(in the 100s) so each ad must be managed individually. There needs to be a lot of positioning options and the ability...
  3. jauburn

    Have ads ruined the internet?

    Who agrees?
  4. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Monetize Pro with DFP & Affiliate Link support [Deleted]

    Audentio Design submitted a new resource: [AD] Monetize Pro - Comprehensive Advertisement Manager Read more about this resource...
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