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  1. B

    Lack of interest ACP Collapsible categories and nodes in the Nodes window

    In our forum there are over 1000 nodes and it is getting worse to display them all in nodes. The page is slow and every moment you think it hangs. It would be nice if you could just collapse it depending on the category and then keep expanding it. I think that would make the page faster and...
  2. R

    How to add a (static) text field (PHP callback) to the ACP options?

    I've followed Creating an Addon. to create an ACP settings page. However in edit format there is no 'label' or some other kind of (fake) 'option' which just displays text. (in my case it would be some kind of status text, which is taken from a PHP callback) So how can I make this (the best way)?
  3. Ezenity

    Unmaintained Board Active Plus

    So I browsed around to see if this was accomplished, I seen some related threads for other things but not specifically for individual User Groups. This simple modification can be done multiple ways however, this was the way I learned. Here I will show you how to add other usergroups, besides the...
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