[XTR] Old Thread Notice

[XTR] Old Thread Notice 1.0.3

No permission to download
The attention you get whilst needing assistance is incredible, and the addon works as supposed, keep it up.
Works well, difficult to download, but fast attentión of the developer.

Thank's for your time!!!!!!!
Addon works wonderful and does exactly what its supposed to do. I use it for quite some time now and it helps our community to identify old threads and reduces messages to old threads.
So far, it works as advertised. Was easy to set up and configure, and the addition of style/appearance options was a nice touch making it easy to look good on my website!
Perfect tool, easy installation and configuration as well! Our users love this. Thanks for sharing this with us!
This works exactly as shown and was added in response to user requests (mostly by my moderators). Nice.
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