[XFA] Tournament - XF2

[XFA] Tournament - XF2 3.5.3

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overall very good, but there are a few things I miss: when I add someone to a tournament, I can't enter a free type name and if I edit the scores in moderator view, one of the persons/teams is immediately shown as the winner - so it's not always availabe for real-time results as it can be confusing. I look forward to further improvements!
And another review after the latest large updates. XFA has provided excellent support and added lots of features that has enhanced this addon greatly, some which were rather substantial in complexity.
Updated review. Since the last time the addon has received some nice updates and the developer is very helpful in responding to requests and support. In turn this has polished the addon a fair bit, and it provides a service that currently no other addon does for XF. Recommended.
Does the minimum of what you'd expect a tournament addon to do.
However the addon creator doesn't take suggestions or cares to improve the addon over what it was when it launched many years ago.
You have excellent suggestions that are 4 years old, in his development forum gathering dust.
I think this comment is a little outdated and could be reviewed. We have cleaned up a bit since then. There are still few old things remaining open from years but this is because we value them as non prioritary for now.
This add-on is great, specially for a gaming community to host, track and encourage activities via tournaments. The developer is also helpful and has done a splendid job with this!
This is a lot of fun, and has excellent presentation throughout. The developers are very responsive to any issues, and also open to suggestions for improvements. Excellent value for money, and well received by my forum members. Thanks!
Love this resource so much and the support has been brilliant. The final piece in the jigsaw of my forum. Keep up the good work.
Thank you for your review, don't hesitate to request new features !
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