[XFA] Forum List Tabs

[XFA] Forum List Tabs 2.2.0

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New features:
  • Added new option in tab add/edit to only show an icon
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This version is only compatible with XenForo 2.2

Corrected bugs:
  • Provided compatibility with xF2.2

New features:
  • Limit threads to specific prefixes for threads type tabs
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Corrected bugs:
  • Error related to wrong database column name for new setups
New features:
  • Type of tab: [NEW 2.0.0]
    • Nodes: to display chosen nodes
    • Threads: to display the latest updated threads from chosen nodes [NEW 2.0.0]
    • Watched nodes: to display the watched forums list [NEW 2.0.0]
    • Watched nodes' threads: to display the latest updated threads from watched forums [NEW 2.0.0]
    • Watched threads: to display the watched threads list [NEW 2.0.0]
Corrected bugs:
  • Tabs not ordered by display order in admincp list

  • Removed default xF link on category level 1 to avoid following bug: Clicking category level 1 redirects to wrong tab

New features:
  • Easy sort tabs feature in admincp
  • Number of displayed items shown in footer of tabs list
  • Capability to activate/deactive a tab either directly from tabs list or when editing tab
Corrected bugs:
  • Fix an issue with FA 5.5.0 new icons handling
  • Horizontal scroller working incorrectly on small displays

As of now, the XF2 version is only compatible with XF 2.1 versions and above.
Corrected bugs:
  • Incompatibility with add-ons acting on forum list
Corrected bugs:
  • Fixed compatibility with [TH] Nodes add-on
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