XF2 [8WR] XenMedio 2 (Media) PRO

XF2 [8WR] XenMedio 2 (Media) PRO

No permission to buy ($40.00)

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Very simple and easy to use had some issues with API at first, but more my fault than the addon. The addon works perfectly as intended and as advertised. Would recommend it for the $40.
If your primary content is video (or in my case music via SoundCloud) this is the preferred plugin for a rich media gallery. Xen Gallery still has a place for images, but if your community uses video or soundcloud content, this is definitely the addon for you.
Nice addon! I prefer this addon than Xen Gallery for only videos.
If you are looking a platform videos and playlists for your forum, this is your addon.
A bit confusing adding the api of the platforms but once configured it goes wonderfully (a tutorial it would be better).
Once again this addon is working for us. There have been a few updates, the addon was refunded which was not what I had hoped for, and was later repurchased as I wanted the functionality this addon has always provided.
I am not sure where the failure occurred but it seems likely it was an api issue.

What made the difference for me is that after some posting Jaxel spend a huge amount of time going back and forth via PM and forum posts.

While I would still like to see a better FAQ / Troubleshooting page, the fact that assistance was provided is the important aspect. I have used this addon in its various forms for years. I was never unhappy with the product.

Thank you Jaxel for the help looking into and getting this working. It is appreciated!
Excellent work with solid support from Jaxel, strongly recommended if you site a has accompanied YouTube and other social media channels
Nice Work! only one solution for GDPR/DSGVO-compliant embedding is very helpful.
Simple two-click is sufficient
I have asked for a decent support thread. I have asked for a decent tutorial. I have asked for assistance.
I am tired of asking. This item was not free and as such when a customer asks a question , they expect some assistance, that is known as support in most circles.
Youtube requires an API. Alright, how is it procured and where is it input? Many questions with zero answers. Yes, I am frustrated but this and would good cause. If I performed my work in this fashion I would be gone.
I have given every chance for this to be resolved and since it is clear that is not going to happen, I will refund the purchase.
You actually asked no support questions in the support thread. You came in *****ing about support; but then actually asked no support questions. So there was nothing to answer. Not to mention, it appears you are *****ing about XenPorta; when this is the XenMedio addon.
The addon works well enough for Youtube, and probably most of the other services.

However, there are fairly bad display problems for Imgur, and /gallery/ style Imgur URLs are also not supported, only /a/ ones. I asked for support for these issues, but the addon dev is not responding to support requests for this addon specifically, for whatever reason.
I ended up coming up with solutions to those problems on my own, which I have posted in the discussion thread.

Disappointed in the lack of support by the author.
Thanks for providing excellent customer service. Had issues jaxal listened and worked with me right away. Top notch service! Has been useful for pushing videos out!
Very cool addition that allows you to extend the functionality of your forum, by creating cool media section. Thanks to the author for his work and that he quickly fixes the found bugs!
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