XenForo License Verification

XenForo License Verification 3.5.0

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  • Minor changes to various templates
  • Bug fixes to the reverification system
Assorted bug fixed and XF 2.1 compatibility.
  • XenForo license details displayed to end-users after verification
  • End-users can remove their license details
  • End-users can update their verification token before verification expires
  • XenForo license details shown on admin user edit
  • Added XenForo customer and license token fields to the admin user search
  • Improved phrases
  • Re-worked code structure
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Fix the template modification for changes in newer betas.
This update changes some of the code structure.

It also includes some minor changes to templates to improve the appearance.

There is a new feature, the ability to make the verified user group the primary usergroup as opposed to add it as a secondary user group. This is an advanced feature and generally wouldn't be used.